Proposal for Restructuring of Group B and C cadre



Cadre Restructuring Proposal

Summarized Structure of Group ‘B’ Cadres/Posts -Annexure A

Summarized Structure of Group ‘C' Cadres/Posts -Annexure B

Summary of Financial Implications -Annexure C D E

Zero Base Review for optimal staff requirements of GDC- Annexure F(F1toF20) ( to be release soon)

Flow Charts of Group 'B' and 'C' Cadres/Posts -Annexure G

Recruitment Rules for the posts proposed - Annexure H

Assisting Staff Canteen Dispensary Library Ministerial Official Language Printing Stenographer Stores Topo

Duties and responsibilities of proposed posts - Annexure I

Complete Cadre review Chart - Annexure J( to be uploaded soon)

Last Updated on 26-09-2018