"Sahyog" - Mobile Application by SOI


Sahyog “- Mobile Application (SoI) 

Survey of India (SoI) is the National Mapping Agency (NMA) of the country under Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India. SoI has developed a mobile application named “सहयोग “(Sahyog) for its users viz Government (Centre/State) departments, Organisations, Institutions,   Govt employees, Academic institutions, Students and citizens of India, to voluntarily support and contribute in preparing, updating and enriching the national database of the country.

Points of interest (POI) data collected using “सहयोग “application will be used for creating various applications for everyone’s usage and would facilitate building of our own Indian dataset with the “सहयोग “ of people of India.

Our mission is to ensure that India’s data remains inside India and utilized for the benefit of the people of the India. Survey of India seeks active support from the people of India in this endeavour to serve the people and the country.  

User can  also download this Mobile App from Google play store and after installation and registration through this application all the users can collect ,store and share the ground verified data collected through their Android phone directly into GIS domain.

Last Updated on 29-10-2020