Central Public Procurement Portal

Sl.No. Tender Number Tender Notice Competent Authority Closing Date
1. KGDC Bangalore/S-452/16-I/2019/11 Tender for Hiring of Vehicles for Field Duties Director, KGDC Bangalore 15-04-2019
2. NGDC, Dehradun/188/38 B 2(e office)/2019/10 Supply and Installation of 24F OFC at NGDC(Corrigendum Attached) Director NGDC, Dehradun 28-03-2019
3. NGDC/Ddun/111/15-M-1 /2019/09 Tender for Unserviceable Store Items Director NGDC Dehradun 27-03-2019


Last Updated on 22-03-2019