Central Public Procurement Portal

Sl.No. Tender Number Tender Notice Competent Authority Closing Date
1. NGDC Dehradun/279-15-C-4/SL-UPS/NGDC/2019/17 CAMC of UPS system at NGDC Director, NGDC Dehradun 26-05-2019
2. SGO Dehradun/S-1147/744-Condemnation/2019/15 Tender for The Disposal of Condemn/Unserviceable Vehicles Chairman of Board, SGO Dehradun 27-05-2019
3. APGDC & TGDC, Hyderabad/03/2019/14 Tender for Hiring of Office Accommodation on Lease/Rental Basis Director APGDC & TGDC, Hyderabad 24-05-2019


Last Updated on 21-05-2019