Result of Tender




Name of Competent Authority Tender No with Date of Publication
Bihar GDC Patna Tender No. GEM/2020/B/781219 dated 08-09-2020
JHGDC, Ranchi  Tender No. S-03/JHGDC/2020 dated 02-11-2020
Bihar GDC Patna Tender No. GEM/2020/B/807246 dated 24-09-2020
GD&D GDC Gandhinagar Tender No 1924/5-N dated 01-10-2020
GD&D GDC Gandhinagar Tender No 1923/5-N dated 01-10-2020
NGDC , Dehradun Tender No.389/15-M-1 dated 17-08-2020
NGDC , Dehradun Tender No.388/15-M-1 dated 17-08-2020
NGDC , Dehradun Tender No.385/15-M-1 dated 17-08-2020
APGDC, Hyderabad Tender NO. SOI/01/APGDC/2020/Drone Services dated 21-07-2020
GD&D GDC Gandhinagar Tender No. SOI-1407/40-O, dated 27-07-2020
GD&D GDC Gandhinagar Tender No. 1530/5-N dated 14-08-2020
GD&D GDC Gandhinagar Tender No. 1529/5-N dated 14-08-2020
OGDC, Bhubneshwar Tender No. 23/16-A-6(Condemnation)
GD&D GDC Gandhinagar Tender No. 1555/40-O dated 21-08-2020
OGDC, Bhubneshwar Tender No. E-22/5-A-C(General) dated 09-07-2020
GD&D GDC Gandhinagar                            Tender No. 1560/5-N ( NHP) dated 17-07-2020
GD&D GDC Gandhinagar Tender No. 1559/5-N(NHP) dated 17-07-2020
East UPGDC ,Lucknow Tender No. 1021/11-C ( Hiring of Vehicles)
MA & DC Dehradun Tender No. 235/15-P-CPB ( 2019-20) dated 23-01-2020
J&K GDC, Jammu Tender ID 2020_SOI_533973_1 dated 07-01-2020
TNP and ANI GDC Chennai Tender ID 2019_SOi_520623_1 dated 22-11-2019
Megh & ArP GDC Shillong Tender No. S-1920/17-D-2 dated 17-07-2019 ( Cancelled)
A & N GDC, Guwahati Tender No. 540/15-L-2 dated 20-05-2019(Cancelled)
APGDC & TGDC, Hyderabad Tender No. 03/2019 dated 23-04-2019
J&K GDC, Jammu Tender ID No. 2019_SOI_461230_1 ( Cancelled )
APGDC & TGDC, Hyderabad Tender No 02/2019, dated 12-02-2019(Cancelled)
J&K GDC, Jammu Tender No. 53/5-N dated 25-02-2019(Cancelled)
APGDC & TGDC, Hyderabad Tender No 01/2018, dated 26-11-2018(Cancelled)
G&RB Dehradun No. S-2867/15-P-8(Hiring of Services) dated 31-08-2018
GD & D GDC Gandhinagar No. 162/5-N dated 04-12-2018
G&RB Dehradun No. S-2869/15-P-8(Hiring of Services-NMCG) dated 31-08-2018
G&RB Dehradun No. NHP/SOI/GRB/AG dated 23-04-2018
G&RB Dehradun No. NHP/SOI/GRB/RG dated 23-04-2018
G&RB Dehradun S-3241/16-H ( vehicle ( NMCG) dated 11-10-2018
GD & D GDC Gandhinagar No.151/15-L-1 dated 01-11-2018
GD & D GDC Gandhinagar No.2298/5-N dated 05-11-2018
NGDC, Dehradun No.1246/41-L-REP-ESKO dated 20-11-2018
GD & D GDC Gandhinagar No. 104/5-N Dated 10-07-2018
MA&DC, Dehradun No.S-1985/15-P-CPB (2018-19) dated 08-08-2018
MA&DC, Dehradun No.S-1984/15-P-CPB (2018-19) dated 08-08-2018
MA&DC, Dehradun No.S-1983/15-P-CPB (2018-19) dated 08-08-2018
MA&DC, Dehradun No. S-1607/15-L-1 dated 22-06-2018
EPG, KolKata No. EPG-521/13-J(Security) dated 04-06-2018
IISM, Hyderabad No. 01/2018 dated  17-01-2018
MA&DC, Dehradun No 916/15-P-CPB(2018-19), dated 16-04-2018
MA&DC, Dehradun No 915/15-P-CPB(2018-19), dated 16-04-2018
MA&DC, Dehradun No. S-746/15-L-1, dated 23-03-2018
MA and DC, Dehradun No. S-732/15-P-CPB(2018-19) dated 16-03-2018
TNP and ANI GDC Chennai No. 01/2018, dated 16-02-2018
MA&DC, Dehradun No. S-732/15-P-CPB(2018-19), dated 16-03-2018
NGDC, Dehradun No 424-AMC/UPS/15 – C-4/SL/NGDC, dated 10-04-2018(Cancelled)
GIS & RS Dte , Hyderabad No. S-1281/15-K(General) dated 19-09-2017
G&RB, Dehradun No. S-2276/16-H-Vehicle(NHP) dated 08-12-2017
G&RB, Dehraun No.S-1996/15-P-8 ( NHP) dated 17-10-2017
Uk and West UPGDc Ddun No.1997/15-P-CPB(2017-18) dt.25-07-2017 ( Firm Black Listed)
EPG , Kolkata No. 635/15-D-3( 1) EPG dt 04-08-2017
GIS & RS Dte , Hyderabad No.S-840/15-K( General) dt.10-07-2017
EPG, Kolkata No 652/15-D-3(1)EPG dt. 09-08-2017
DMC, Dehradun No.1997/15-P-CPB(2017-18) dt.25-07-2017
G&RB Dehradun S-320/15-P-8(Hiring of Services) dated 03-03-2017
G&RB Dehradun S-321/15-P-8(Hiring of Services) dated 03-03-2017
WPG Delhi WPG/735/15-A-S(Rep)Plates dated 27-07-2017
EPG Kolkata 602/15-D-3( 1) dated 25-07-2017
EPG Kolkata 258/15-D-3(1) dated 06-04-2017
TNP and ANI GDC Chennai S-01/15-L-1 dated 09-05-2017
EPG Kolkata 551/13A-14(Canteen) dated 24-05-2017
MH & Goa GDC S-762/15-L-2 dated 12-04-2017
Punjab, Harayana and Chd. GDC 230/Guard File dated 12-01-2017
EPG, Kolkata

337/13-A-14(Canteen) dated 12-04-2017

EPG, Kolkata 243/13-A-14(Canteen) dated 16-03-2017
DEPG, Kolkata 181/15-D-3 (1) dated 21-02-2017
Western Zone 238/15-A-Store(Tender) dated 28-12-2015
NGDC Dehradun 44/41-L-rep ( Plotter) DATED 27-01-2017
Surveyor General of India, Dehradun S-23/15-P-CPB( 2016-17) dated 03-01-2017
Surveyor General of India, Dehradun S-2332/15-K-1-C(Medicine) dated 24/11/2016
TNP and ANI GDC Chennai Tender No.4/plotters/15-C-( Plan)/2016-17 dt.10-01-2017
TNP and ANI GDC Chennai 1835/15-C(Plan)/TNP GDc-Computers dated 27-12-2016
NGDC Dehradun S-21/15-C-MTR dated 05-01-2017
Western Printing Group Tender No.849/15-A-S dated 07-10-2016
Surveyor General of India, Dehradun Tender No.2761/15-P-CPB ( 2016-17) dated 03/10/2016
Southern Printing Group, Hyderabad MLP/PZ/I/2016 dated 26-08-20016 and 14-09-2016
TNP & Andaman & Nicobar GDC S-1431/15-L-1 dt. 15-09-2016
NGDC Dehradun 608/15-M-1 dt.04-08-2016
UK & West UPGDC 819/15-P-CPB(2015-16) dt. 04-03-2016
UK & West UPGDC 355/15-P-CPB(2015-16) dt. 02-02-2016
UK & West UPGDC 1388/15-P-CPB ( 2015-16) dt.11-04-2016
NGDC Dehradun 563-AMC/UPS/15-C-4/SL/NGDC dt. 17-02-2016
UK & West UPGDC 201/15-P-CPB(2015-16) dt. 15-01-2016
UK & West UPGDC 202/15-P-CPB(2015-16) dt. 15-01-2016
UK & West UPGDC 8947/15-P-CPB(2015-16), dt. 21/12/2015
NGDC Dehradun 25/15-C-STPI dt. 12-01-2016
Punjab, Harayana and Chd. S-417/15-C-1 dt. 20-10-2015
NGDC Dehradun 3474/41-L-Rep(Plotter) dt. 06-11-2015
M&G GDC S-1661/15-C-Photogrammetric dt. 21-08-2015
GD & D GDC 983-15-L-1 dt 19-06-2015
MPGDC, Jabalpur 728/ 13-A-1(Budget),dt 29-04-2015
TNP & ANI GDC, Chennai Security Guards / 38T-2015/ 01
TNP & ANI GDC, Chennai 5-I/ 2015/ 02, dt 18-02-2015
 O/o Surveyor General Of India

Shortlisted bidders for Presentation on 18 - 19 May 2015 for the Development of " Survekshan Geo-portal"

PZ, Hyderabad MLP/PZ/01/2011, dt.31-12-2010
WPG, Delhi Cantt No. 969/ MLP/WPG/14-15/15-A-S(Tender), dt 3-11-2014 
SPG, Hyderabad No. 01/SPG/MLP/14-15/15-A(Indents), dt 7-11-2014
SGO, Dehradun

S-02/ 752-Computers,dt 01-01-2015

K&L GDC, Thiruvananthapuram 461/11-A(G)dt 07-08-2014
SPG, Hyderabad S-345/15-A-(Indents)/SPG dt 31-03-2015
Punjab, Harayana and Chd. No.1745/15CPB dt.06-05-2016
. 15/CPBdt 24-02-2015
JH GDC Ranchi No.283/15-C-5 dated 24-04-2015
APGDC, Hyderabad No.190215 dt 19-02-2015
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