Swachhta Hi Sewa - 2019


Swachhta Hi Sewa - 2019

18-09-2019(Cleanliness of Washroom)

19-09-2019((Cleanliness of Almirahs, Racks etc)

20-09-2019(Cleanliness of Working area of office i.e Rooms, Chambers, Section etc)

23-09-2019(Cleanliness of Office campus)

24-09-2019(Cleanliness of Computers, Printers & Scanners etc)

25-09-2019(Cleanliness of Govt. Vehicles)

26-09-2019(Cleaning of Roads up to at least 100 m outside gate)

27-09-2019(Cleaning of Generator Room)

30-09-2019(Cleaning of MT Section)

01-10-2019(Cleaning of Car/Two Wheeler parking)

TN P A & N GDC Chennai ( 18-09-2019 to 01-10-2019)

NGDC Dehradun(18-09-2019 to 01-10-2019)

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