General Information






    1. Various Departmental Forms
   2. Maps other than Open Series Maps
  3. Pricing of Digital Products
     4.   Pricing of International Boundary/Coast Line Verification
    5. Revised Rates of Geodetic Data
  6.    List of Products for which clearance from MOD is to be obtained( to be released)
    7. Procedure for Appointment as Authorized Map Sale Agents - Expression of Interest
     8. List of Authorised Map Sales Agents ( As on 26 May 2016)
  9.    How to convert Sheet No. from Everest Series to Open Series 
10. Procedure For Writing off The Restricted Sheets
11.  Absconding Notice
12  Information for Ex-Employees
  Overhead Charges on tasks undertaken by Survey of India
  As businessman works to earn for himself, in the similar way Survey of India charges 60% overhead charges, as a part of its profit towards Central Government of India, on each tasks undertaken by Survey of India from all Public Sector Firms as well as State/Central Government Ministries. Only Surveyor General of India has a power to waive-off it.
  Trig Data
  Spherical Coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) up to 1 minute of arc are UNRESTRICTED.
Spherical Coordinates of any accuracy can be supplied to the Central/State Ministries and Department on Form O.(57)(b) countersigned by the competent authority.
All grid coordinates are RESTRICTED
   Valid Identity of Customer
  Due to some security reasons, Customers are advised to present their valid identity while visiting Survey of India for procurement of maps in soft copy format.
Last Updated on 19-07-2018