Citizens' Charter


Survey of India, under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, is the national survey and mapping organization and has mandate to take a leadership role in liberalizing access of spatial data to user groups without compromising with the national security. The responsibility for producing, maintaining and disseminating the topographic map database of the whole country, which is the foundation of all spatial data vests with Survey of India (SOI). In order to improve the delivery of our services, Survey of India has decided to formulate this Citizens' Charter.

This Charter is the declaration of our vision, values ​​and standards to achieve excellence in the formulation and implementation of National Map Policy for the benefit of Public, Govt. / Private organizations and other stakeholders. This Citizens' Charter will also be the benchmark to determine our efficiency and would be a dynamic document, which would be reviewed at least once in five years.


The strategy for achieving our mission shall comprise the following:

• Benchmarking of products / data.                                 

• Enhancing the use of information technology.

• Measuring conformance to service delivery standards.

• Evolving cooperative initiatives with other government and private agencies.


Government and private organizations as well as private individuals associated with defence / security, information technology, education and research, navigation, tourism, disaster management, engineering and production, environment, mining, drilling, development, agriculture, fishing, utilities etc.


We expect citizens to:

  • uphold and respect the rules and regulations governing the geospatial data dissemination.
  • fulfill their duties and legal obligations in time.
  • be honest in furnishing information.
  • be co-operative and forthright in inquiries and verifications.
  • avoid unnecessary litigation.

This will enable us to serve the nation in an effective and efficient manner.


We shall strive to:

  • be at the service of our country
  • work to ensure the national security.
  • make our procedures and transactions as transparent as possible
  • carry out our tasks with:
    • integrity and judiciousness
    • impartiality and fairness
    • courtesy and understanding
    • objectivity and transparency
    • promptness and efficiency.


We shall follow the following time norms in our services:

Sl. No.


Time in working days / hours




Response to all written communications

07 days



Issue of proforma invoice

07 days



Issue of Maps from map sale counter (Unrestricted Maps up to 25 copies only) 


03 hours


Click for Restricted Maps


Issue of Maps from office by hand

02 days



Issue of Maps from office by post

10 days



Supply of Raster data from office by hand

02 days



Supply of Raster data from office by post

10 days



Supply of Vector data including issue of license / release order.

30 days



Scrutiny / certification of external boundary and coastline of India

Click here for procedure & scrutiny charges

(I) 15 days -upto two maps.

(Ii) 50 days -more than two maps

From the date of receipt of scrutiny charges


(A) Supply of Co-ordinates and its description

(B) Supply of Bench Mark values ​​with descriptions

10 days for 20 stations

10 days for 20 stations



Supply of Distance between two fixed points from coordinates

Four days up to ten distances



Supply of Mutual Azimuth

Four days up to 30 deductions



Conversion of co-ordinates from one datum to another datum

Four days up to 30 deductions



Supply of Tidal data


Archived Data (up to 2007)

(A) Hourly Tidal Data

(B) High / Low water times and heights


(A) 13 days per port per year

(B) 13 days per port per year



Archived Data (after 2007)

(A) Hourly Tidal Data

(B) High / Low water times and heights


(A) 50 days per port per year



Data needs to be extracted


Tidal data analysis for 29 days

35 days after receiving the observed tidal data for 32 days and its connection with levelling network.



Chart Datum

(A) Already computed

(B) New port (to be computed)


(A) 10 days per port

(B) 35 days after receiving the observed tidal data for 32 days and its connection with levelling network.



Tidal Predictions for one Primary / Secondary Port

13 days per port per year



Supply of Magnetic and Gravity Data


Magnetic Field for one station

Five days

1. Horizontal and vertical force will be interpolate from observed values ​​of nearby existing repeat stations.

2. Declination value will be interpolated from latest Epoch Chart.


Gravity Data of one station

Five days

It will be interpolate from existing observed values ​​of nearby stations.



  • In case of survey projects / conversion of vector data format, the time frame will be decided by the respective Directors on a case to case basis.
  • We shall Endeavour to achieve the compliance level of the aforesaid time norms provided our sanctioned strength of officers and staffs are present.
  • Compliance levels shall be gradually enhanced through close monitoring, standardization of processes, use of IT enabled services etc.
  • Time schedule given above starts from the day, when all the formalities & departmental procedural requirements for obtaining such data is completed by the indentor (only official working days have been taken into consideration). 


As a responsive and geospatial data / map user-friendly department, we shall have in place the following mechanism:

  • We shall promptly acknowledge complaints within 48 hours of receipt and attempt to provide final replies within 30 working days of their receipt. In case it is not possible to send the final reply within the time specified, an interim reply shall be furnished to the complainant.
  • In Case, the complaint is not attended to, within the Prescribed Time Norms or the Remedy offered is not satisfactory, an appeal filed with the Public Grievances Officer OR be can Surveyor General of India.                                            
  • download Form for complaint / grievance


A Public Grievances Officer Appointed to acknowledge has been / Settle the Complaint Expeditiously, Please take Prior Appointment from before the officer in person Visit:


                                                      The Additional Surveyor General,

                                                      Specialized Zone, Survey of India,

                                                      Hathibarkala Estate, DEHRADUN

                                                      (Uttarakhand) INDIA, PIN - 248 001

                                                      Tel No. : + 91-135 -2741428, 2742825

                                                      Fax No .: + 91-135 -2742826

                                                    E-mail:   Zone.spl.soi@govlin

Last Updated on 04-12-2020