Scrutiny of External Boundary and Coast Line of India


        Survey of India is also responsible for certification of external boundary, islands and coastline of India appearing on maps.  The procedure to be followed for getting the external boundary, islands and coast line of India authenticated, from Boundary Verification Wing, Dehra Dun, is given in brief below:

1.      Two proof copies of each map (hard copy), wherein external boundary and coastline of India or part thereof is appearing should be sent to this office at given address for scrutiny/certification of the external boundary and coast line of India. On receipt of the maps scrutiny fee will be calculated and informed to you. Scrutiny fee are charged @ Rs 2450/= per map irrespective of scale. However, only Rs 600/= per map is charged for scrutiny of additional maps on the same scale and layout sent at the same time and for maps prepared by utilizing outline maps of Survey of India on same scale. Scrutiny fee should be sent through bank draft of any nationalized bank in favour of  “Senior Accounts Officer, Central Pay & Accounts Office, Survey of India, Dehra Dun”.


 2.   The maps which do not contain external boundary and coast line of India are not required to be sent to this office for scrutiny/certification. In this regard please refer point No. 8 below.

3.  A duly filled-in application form (click here to download) is also required to be sent to this office while submitting the map for authentication/certification.

4.  In case no error is noticed, map is certified and release order issued for printing.

5.   In case error is noticed in the alignment of external boundary and coast line of India, a trace showing correct boundary is sent to publisher for incorporating the corrections.

6.  On receipt of proofs/maps, duly corrected, as per correction trace supplied, map is authenticated /certified and release order issued for publication of maps by this office.

7.  Certification of map is valid for six months from the date of certification/release order issued. Therefore, map must be printed within six months of its certification otherwise fresh certification is required for which scrutiny fee will again be charged from the publishers.

8. In case the map is on scale 1:4 Million or larger (say 1:3M, 1:2M etc with or without external boundary and coast line of India), its security clearance from the Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi, should be obtained. For this purpose three copies of each such map are required to be sent to “The Deputy Secretary,(GS-III) Ministry of  Defence, Room No. 283-B , South Block, New Delhi-110011, Fax 011-23013789” requesting them to send one copy of the approved/cleared map together with the letter of approval direct to this office for our reference and record.

9.  Address for sending proofs/maps:


Officer Incharge

Boundary Verification Wing

International Boundary Directorate (SGO)
Survey of India, NPG Campus
Hathi Barkala  Estate, Dehra Dun (Uttarakhand)

INDIA – 248 001

Fax : +91-135-2749793

Tel : +91-135-2740494


Last Updated on 07-08-2020